Jodi Picoult

One of my favorite storytellers in the fabulous Jodi Picoult. Not only is she an incredibly talented writer, but she’s also an active member of my small New England community. Jodi was gracious enough to share some of her thoughts about words, writing, and Harry Potter, when we asked her to fill-in-the-blank of the following sentences. (Her answers are in bold.)

Ms. Wormgrunt would be a great name for a children’s fictional character.

My most memorable writing teacher was Mary Morris  because she taught me to be my own best editor.

The most common grammar/spelling mistake I still make is putting a comma when I need a semi-colon.

If I could have been a fly on the wall for any conversation in history, I would have liked to have heard Shakespeare talk his way through Romeo & Juliet.

The most beautiful word in the English language is uxorious: excessively fond of one’s wife.

The ugliest word in the English language is intolerance.

The most romantic love scene in the word would have to take place in the Maldives.

I believe that a psychic is one profession which has a lot of potential for a good character.

The song to my life’s soundtrack is anything my son Jake sings.

Three of the most memorable fictional characters in the world are:  Nick Carraway, Lady Brett Ashley, and Harry Potter.

My favorite children’s book is The Paper Bag Princess.

The most important snack which fuels literary creativity is: chocolate.

My favorite place to read a book is the bathtub.



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