Advice for All of Us

There’s a ton of advice for the Class of 2020. But here’s some advice we can all use:

Touch your toes while you can, so you can.

If someone you love cooked, baked or re-heated it for you, eat it without hesitation.

Shop conservatively, tip liberally.

Choose to make something. Anything. Make a pinwheel. Make a lasagna. Make a paper football. Then, keep trying to make it better.

Say “yes” or say “no” loudly when it matters.

Save every card from your grandmother.

Be kind to people who can’t do anything for you.

Don’t ever pretend to be stupid.

Drink more water than anything else.

Chew with your mouth closed. Listen with your ears open.

Give in to indulgences, but not enough to allow them to become routine.

Stop for the lemonade stand.

Call a loved one more often than you call for take-out.

Spend more money on dental care than make-up. (Lipstick can’t help a rotten smile.)

R.S.V.P., regardless of response.

Don’t let your second language be swearing.

Celebrate the people you love with more than a social media post.

Stick with the person who calls back immediately.

Learn the name of both the person who writes your checks and vacuums your office.

Wear out your library card.

Love the heck out of someone, something, or somewhere.

And eat the darn birthday cake.

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