Christmas Gift Ideas

There are no endorsements involved with this list. There are no coupon codes.This is just a quick roundup of my go-to holiday gifts. Enjoy!


The Fox and The Star

I can’t say enough about this picture book. It’s fabulous for both children and adults. My husband reads dozens of books every year and it’s his favorite book of all time. I read one book a year and it’s my favorite as well.


German Smoking Men 

My brother-in-law collects these whimsical wooden men. They’re old-fashioned wooden incense burners. I hate incense and yet there is something wonderful about these collectibles. They’re a nice gift for the man of the house. You can find them at The Wooden Wagon.


Remote Control Boat

It was a hit with the nephews. For anyone with access to water, this is a fun gift. The more expensive the boat, the more durable. But it’s a fun toy that the adults will most likely enjoy as well.


The Nesting Pillow

Okay, this pillow is technically for nursing but we love it more as an all-around couch pillow. It’s a fairly heavy pillow that provides a certain amount of pressure comfort. They aren’t cheap but they are the greatest couch indulgence. (And trust me, nobody will know that it’s a nursing pillow.) You can find them at Blessed Nest.


The Week magazine subscription

Everyone in my family loves The Week. Grandma loves it. Sister loves it. Hubby loves it. It summarizes the world’s news from the past week and offers entertaining tidbits. A 12 month subscription is a nice gesture.


Donation to Charity

There’s no better gift. Our family likes Dochas N Gra, an animal rescue in South Carolina. But any charitable donation is always a heartwarming gesture when offered in a loved ones name.

Happy gifting!

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