Rack Friday


My closet

On Black Friday, I clean out my closets. While others are out shopping, I’m swapping out my closet rack.

It’s probably not a good idea to try on clothes after the largest calorie consumption day of the year. (Plus, this year, I still have baby weight to lose with a two month old newborn.)  But I try on dresses, sweaters, shirts and pants for every season, making piles for to keep, donate or trash. This year, I’m donating at least a dozen items which have barely been worn. (One particular violet-colored Banana Republic wrap dress is in perfect condition and will certainly be a hot commodity at our local thrift store.)

Plus, there’s no better time to clear out the racks then when family is around. My sister is the perfect person to tell me to stash or trash a pair of jeans. She also goes home with a bag of items of her own choosing. (This year, she scored a cozy gray wool cardigan which I’m already scheming to get back.)

Yes, “Rack Friday” is a time for me to shop my closet. I’m reminded of the things that I’ve forgotten. (Lilly Pulitzer flamingo pink bathing suit cover up-whoop whoop!) I’m energized by the things that I can donate. (Kate Spade little black purse!)  And I’m thankful for the clothes on my back (and rack).

I’ll have plenty of time to shop for the holidays. But Rack Friday is a time to open a bottle of wine and make room for a new year. And with family around, there guarantees to be a few laughs. (“You STILL have your middle school cheerleading practice t-shirt?”)

Remember, if you haven’t worn it in over a year, it promises to give another great cheer.  Happy Rack Friday, everyone!




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