Been There

I’m fortunate enough to have a day job which requires copious amounts of travel. And even when I’m not working, I love cashing in my frequent flier miles for adventures in exotic places with my family.  Some of my favorite places to visit have been South Africa, Norway, and…believe it or not, St. Paul, Minnesota. However, I’ve been disappointed by other locations. (I love Tennessee, but I didn’t love Graceland. Sorry, Elvis.)

And after all this travel, there are places I recommend visiting, and others that I recommend “google visiting.” (Google visiting allows you to virtually explore the location  without having to pack your bag.)

And while I’m sure folks will disagree with some of my recommendations, I can’t help but share my thoughts. (Please don’t take offense at my list if the Coca Cola Factory has employed seven generations of your ancestors. Clearly, I’m just a silly Vermonter who doesn’t know anything.)

Places to Visit
1. The Na Pali Coast, Kauai
– Jurassic Park, in real life.
2. Times Square, NYC– The block that never sleeps.
3. Redwood Forest, OR–  Even the tall feel small.
4. The Great Wall of China–  Goodness, gracious, Great Wall of China!
5. Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro– Go for the hot beaches, stay for the hotter men’s volleyball.
6. National Space Museum, D.C.,- Up, up and away!
7. Pearl Harbor, Honolulu– Take the ferry, then hug a veteran.
8. Pebble Beach, CA–  The premiere gated community, which happens to be ungated.
9. Stonehenge, UK–  Really, how did they do it?
10. Raffles Hotel Bar, Singapore– You’ll feel like an international spy.

Places to “Google Visit”
1. The Mall of America, MN– Fun if you need shoes and frozen yogurt. Not fun otherwise.
2. Niagara Falls, NY–  Imagine sitting in traffic only to witness a long ice bucket challenge.
3. The Coca Cola Factory, GA–  Diabetes, anyone?
4. The Liberty Bell, PA– It’s history…cracked.
5. The Bronx Zoo, NY– Giraffes in the Bronx will never make sense.
6. Salem, MA–  Don’t you want to sleep at night?
7. Big Ben, London– I love London, but you can see big clocks at Pottery Barn.
8. Lincoln Memorial, D.C. – I know, I know, but I can also just flip over a penny.
9. Sea World, FL – Rent a snorkel and head to the beach instead.
10. Yankee Candle Village, MA–  It smells like your grandma’s house.

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