Giving Credit

I rarely wear makeup, but when I do, I put eyeliner on BEFORE taking a shower. It’s a make-up trick which makes my eyes look a little more smoky, but a bit less skanky. It’s more Audrey Hepburn than Avril Lavigne, as only a faint trace of eyeliner remains after a steamy washing.

I claim to have learned this trick from an old college friend. But the truth is, I didn’t learn this trick from anyone. I made it up by myself.

I don’t know why I never own up to my own makeup tip. I have a habit of claiming “old college friends” have taught me many other things as well. But most things I credit to them are false  I invented turbinado popcorn, and the couch flip, and “rum-pum-pum-punch.” But I’ll tell you that they did.

I also have a habit of citing people who never spoke the quotes. “Like my dad always said, if they’re not worth a nickel, don’t give them a quarter.” But my father has never uttered these words. I came up with that saying.

“My mom always says that a bottle of wine makes friends, two bottles makes enemies.”  Nope, she didn’t. I did.

“My husband always says to start with a smile and the rest with follow.” Never happened. This is my motto.

It’s funny that most people steal quotes from other people. But I give them away.  Yet, I imagine I’m not alone in wrongly crediting friends. Sometimes, you just want a partner in crime for support, and when an idea is your own, it can be scary to admit it.

So, when I tell you that an old friend from college taught me this ah-mazing tip for making cocktails, just be kind.  And if you ever meet that old friend, you can give her credit.



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