The one word I hate to use

I’ll be truthful, I have never introduced myself in person as a blogger. I’ve introduced myself as both a writer and an author, but the negative connotation of the b-word always soured my mouth.

I understand why people hate bloggers. Blogging is arrogant. Super arrogant. Bloggers have one-sided conversations with themselves. They think that they have something important to say (even if they don’t), and you are the captive audience.

But to be fair, some blogs can make you a more productive human being.  (Hobby blogs, anyone?) And, since nobody is forcing you to read blogs, it’s your own fault if you read a crummy blog. (And don’t pretend like you don’t know a crummy blog at first glance.  Everyone knows that a blog written in Comic Sans is a crummy blog.) Personally, there are three types of blogs that I avoid:

  1. Blogs which use swear words liberally to sound cooler. (I’m no prude, but people who swear on paper are just wasting good adjectives.)
  2. Blogs which make me feel badly about my own life. (i.e. Here’s a photo of Sasha and I at a gluten-free pastry cafe in Gstaad right before Angelina Jolie joined us for a discussion about season three of House of Cards.)
  3. Fashion blogs (Have you seen me? #obviously)

Yet behind each of these blogs is someone who is putting time into his/her craft. As someone who has been writing a blog for a live audience for three years, I know how difficult it is to keep momentum. (How many blogs simply end on a random day in 2011?) It is difficult to do ANYTHING on a regular basis, never-mind doing something for a live audience with high expectations.

Having a successful blog is like owning a pet. You just can’t ignore your commitment. Even on the days when the “t” on your keyboard is stuck because of a melting Snickers bar. You still need to blog.

Plus, blogging is a very public act. (Private blogging is called diarying, folks. And unless you are Jack Nicholson, nobody wants to read your diary.) You will have an audience, whether it is two people or a million and two people. And some people will love you blog. And some people will hate your blog. And if you’re going to take the good, you have to take the bad. People will review your words. Your words. People will edit your mistakes and question your intentions and drag your name through the comment section of your very own website.  And the more personal the writing, the more bravery it requires to press the “publish” button.

For as many reasons that bloggers can be narcissistic crazies, the reality is that the majority of bloggers truly care about their craft. I care about this blog. So, for the sake of all of the other bloggers who are too embarrassed to use the “b” word at cocktail parties, I think I need to be honest about who I am.

My name is Becky Munsterer, and I am a blogger. Now, pass the cheese plate.


2 thoughts on “The one word I hate to use

  1. I love reading your thoughts and many times end up having a “one-sided conversation” with myself about the the topic. There is nothing arrogant or narcissistic about your writing so Becky, please, keep on blogging!!!


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