Duck Boots

Let me be honest, I know NOTHING about fashion. People sometimes assume my blog is fashion/style, until they meet me in person. My designer of choice is Target, and my style is whatever is warm from the dryer.

But a few weeks ago, I realized that I’m an accidental fashionista. I was having a conversation with a co-ed undergraduate who loved my old brown L.L. Bean Duck Boots. (My boots have a chocolate brown color near the top of the foot, as opposed to most which are tan.)

“Where did you get them?”

“L.L. Bean.  I’ve had them for years!”


You can imagine my eye roll. But at the same time, I realized that for once in my life, I was on trend. My brown little duck boots had a little more pep in their step as I walked away.

Now, if someone could just admire my turtleneck, I’d be on the cover of Vogue. .


2 thoughts on “Duck Boots

  1. I’ve been stylish since the ’90s! This year I finally wore out my Bean boots (they are 20+ years old) but now there is a waiting list to get a new pair.


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