Frostbitten and fabulous, darling!

I admit it.  I’ve been really loving my hat head this season.  All the girls are wearing this look.  I think it’s the new pixie cut.

And my biceps are the bomb.  Forget Cross Fit, folks.  Have you tried “Raking The Roof?”  It’s a blend of cardio, core, and shoulder toning exercise.  Follow it up with a solid hour of “Shoveling Places for Your Pet to Poop” and you’ll be bikini ready by June.

Yes, this winter has been the ultimate season for self-progress.  I’ve saved money due to cancelled flights.  I’ve perfected the long-johns-under-the-work-slacks look. And my skin?  Well, let’s just say that there hasn’t been a sunburn in six months.  SIX MONTHS, people!  And I haven’t needed makeup since fall, since I’m perpetually wearing the latest blush must-have: a hint of frostbite.

I know that winter has been great for many of you as well.  All those facebook pictures featuring the negative temps on your car’s temperature gauge.  I’ve watched with bated breath, hoping that you’ll hit -23!  And who could forget your Youtube clips of neighbors landing their third-story backflips on snowbanks?  Not me.  And even some of you are still wearing your lucky Patriots sweatshirts since you haven’t left your house since the Superbowl. The celebration continues!  Lucky you!

Plus, we have reached major milestones in communities up and down the eastern seaboard:

 Record Sales of Vicks Vapor Rub in Connecticut

School Cancellations Prompt Impressive “Call-of-Duty” Scores.

Maine Extends Pond Hockey Tournaments Through July

Nantucket Home Sales on the Rise, Credited to Plow Drivers’ Salary Bulge

Also in breaking news this winter?  Pantone retracts the color of the year. “Marsala” was recently overthrown by this year’s clear winner: “Whitish.”  In addition to being Meryl Streep’s haircolor in the blockbuster film The Devil Wears Prada,  Whitish originated on snowbanks on the New Jersey Turnpike. A mix of snow and gravel dust,  it’s not as white as its big sister, Polar, nor is it as gray as its dirty sister, Fog.  It’s somewhere in between, and it’s everywhere you look from Boston Common to Rockefeller Center.  (Pssst… I hear that Tom Ford’s 2015 spring break collection will feature “whitish” tankinis with faux fur-trimmed overlay. His inspiration? A Poughkeepsie January.)



As Lieutenant Dan famously said as he hung over the side of his shrimping boat in a hurricane, “You call this a storm?”   Well, tomorrow, I’m going to stand on my snowbanks as I hold my my fist to the sky and scream “You call this a winter?”

C’mon Mother Earth, I can still see out my window from the second floor. Try a little harder next time. It should be illegal to have this much fun.

6 thoughts on “Frostbitten and fabulous, darling!

  1. Dear Becky,

    I have to agree with Rebecca. I have a Kindle and it is good for planes but I so miss touching books. I have given your Novel Nibble site to one of my students who just began at Emerson studying Creative Writing and she loves it!
    with a smile,
    Carolyn Mulligan
    Insiders Network to College
    Summit, New Jersey
    friend of Nancy Campbell


      • just surfed onto novelnibble and found it interesting ive lived in vermont since 1963 and still love lots of snow even when i fear a fall on the ice will hate to see mud season this year its going to be wicked bad especially for those out in the williywags back of the puckerbrush i like to browse books from the library and will buy one when i go to a book signing by a local author like archer mayer i have all of his and he actually used me a a character in one of his books happy spring from bill barry from barre


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